Guitar Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar or bass? Or maybe you have a child or teenager who wants to explore playing an instrument, and needs an extra-curricular activity to pull them away from the phone for a few hours a week. Well, there's no time like the present. Contact me today to talk about a flexible and affordable learning schedule.

About me (your teacher): I have been playing guitar and performing in bands for over 20 years, and giving guitar and bass lessons in the Los Angeles area for 14 of those years. Although I've taught a wide variety of students, I specialize in teaching Beginner and Intermediate players. I've worked with many young children and teenagers as well as adults. References are available upon request; many happy guitarists, kids, and parents too!


What is your Philosophy on teaching/playing?

The only dogma I have about teaching guitar is that I feel that listening to the needs of the student is the highest priority. Guitar lessons can take on many forms depending on what the student seeks to achieve, and everybody is different. I teach what YOU want to play!

Some people want to write songs, while some are thrilled to just play along to the songs they like to listen to. Some people want to push themselves to excel in their technique, improvisation, and general musicianship while some people cringe at the thought of having to practice a scale or learn a bit of music theory.

I'm sensitive to all these different needs and desires and am committed to listening to my students, paying close attention to the feedback they give me, and using that feedback to structure each lesson. I see it as my responsibility to take notes on each student's progress and come to each lesson with material prepared and ready for anything that may come up.

This is my profession: I am not a musician on a quest for fame and fortune who gives lessons for some extra cash. I love learning and improving as a musician and I am consistently pleased to see that I can help others do the same.

What is your approach to teaching Adult Beginners?

I help the adult beginner meet his or her personal goals with the guitar and I avoid spending any time on anything that is not relevant to those goals. I know how hard it is to have so many responsibilities and to still make time for the instrument, especially when you're just starting out, so I try to focus the lessons to make them fun and direct, and to get the student playing some real music as quickly as possible.

What is your approach to teaching Kids?

I work with younger students to develop their technique and general musicianship to get to a point where they can have their own musical identity and personal appreciation for music. I work hard (and encourage them to do the same) so that doors will be open for them no matter what path they might choose with the guitar, even if their goal is simply to play for their own enjoyment. I have 4 nephews and nieces and have taught them over the years. They now have a love and appreciation of music all on their own.

What about Intermediate and Advanced Lessons?

With more experienced players, lessons become even more varied and specific. I aim to keep lessons and my suggested practice material as musical and relevant as possible with all students, but doing this is even more important with an experienced player who is dedicating time and money and to improving their music.

I've often had guitarists come to me wanting to push things further with their own music and guitar playing. In addition to simply showing them music they haven't played before, there's a lot of ground that can be covered, depending on the directions things might go.

What do lessons cost?

  • One-on-one at my home studio:
    $20 for 1/2 hour
    $35 for 1 hour
  • In-home lessons at your home (depending on location):
    $25 for 1/2 hour
    $40 for 1 hour

Group lessons at a discounted rate are also available.  You may ask why these lessons are less expensive than other options you've seen around - It's quite simple. I love playing and I love seeing others play. Cost should not keep you from enjoying the magic that is playing music.

Can I hear some of your playing?

I should have some clips to post soon - stand by.

What topics are covered in your lessons?

- ear training
- reading tablature (tab)
- understanding the instrument, the notes, the chords, the fretboard, tuning
- advice on purchasing musical gear
- understanding modern and traditional harmony
- intervals, scales, and arpeggios and how to navigate them on the fretboard
- voicing chords and voice leading
- improvisation in a wide variety of styles
- sight reading and working with lead sheets
- flatpicking techniques and exercises
- fingerpicking techniques and exercises
- rhythmic accuracy and rhythmic vocabulary
- songwriting tips, tricks, and games
- arranging for a group
- pedal and rack effects and processors

We can focus on some or all of these things into lessons to make them directly applicable to the music you want to play, whether you are a composer, songwriter, guitarist in a rock, metal, pop, jazz or folk context, or simply aspiring to be one!

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